Who We Are

We are movers, shakers and rainmakers! We like to get to the bottom of things, understand you and your goals and needs, help you find the best solution, empower you to pursue your passion, support you all the way and see you win. We are your thought partners, trusted advisors, co-visionaries, support network and devoted cheerleaders. You and your team are our #1 priority! We take that very seriously and are committed to your success.

Who Our Clients Are

  • Growth-Focused Organizations, Recently Funded
  • Accomplished and Emerging Leaders
  • Founders, Co-Founders, CEOs
  • C-Level Executives, Presidents and Vice-Presidents
  • Top-Performing Teams
  • Boards of Directors and VCs

Our Values

Our values are important to us—we live and breathe them. Our culture is firmly built on these core pillars.
Trust: Trust is at the core of all of our relationships. It is earned by our unwavering integrity, authenticity, competence, consistency, transparency, fairness and loyalty in everything we do.
Excellence: Excellence is more than what we provide to our clients, it is how we think and act. It is built on our passion, creativity, agility, leadership, learning, innovation, commitment, perseverance and delivery of results.
Synergy: Our belief in synergy comes from celebrating diversity, cherishing differences between people and respecting the opinions of others. We firmly believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We are dedicated to helping our clients explore a wealth of opportunities to propel them to reach their full potential and make their vision a reality.
Giving Back: Giving back is an incredible opportunity to make an impact and create positive change in this world. It is the single best way to encourage dialogue between people and communities, share knowledge and resources, develop emotional intelligence, grow as a person, and create feelings of gratitude, belonging and happiness.

Our Why

(a word from Elena Mikhaylov, Founder and CEO)
I am frequently asked how the name Propeller Lab came about. The simple answer is I genuinely enjoy helping people explore and achieve their full potential—propelling them forward.
When we are at our best, we show up and perform well in every aspect of our lives. Mind, Body, and Spirit are the three blades of the propeller. They also make a Venn diagram symbolizing that the alignment between them is what propels us forward toward achieving our vision and goals.
I am grateful for the incredible opportunities I have had to work with and learn from amazing leaders of global organizations, startups, and public companies throughout my career as a Human Capital Executive. In 2016 I decided it was time to pursue my passion for people and give back to the growing community of entrepreneurs, mavericks and visionaries by becoming an entrepreneur myself.
I started Propeller Lab to make a positive difference in the success of emerging leaders and their organizations. Their journey will be filled with learning and growth opportunities, obstacles and achievements, wins and losses, conflicts and connections. It is our mission to help them stay on course and make their vision a reality!

What is your Why?

Live your life on purpose and take your success to the next level.
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Propelling leaders, teams and organizations to challenge paradigms, find passion and purpose, push boundaries, discover work-life harmony and achieve their highest potential.

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