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Executive Coaching

Develop awareness, focus your motivation and drive, manage stress, seize opportunities for growth, and develop strengths and accountability that will help you be a great leader.

Leadership Development

Build your own Leadership Brand and advance your leadership capabilities by transforming the way you show up, how you think, how you feel, and how you act in any situation.

Change Management

Thrive in the face of change and build your team’s resilience by maximizing how you perceive and respond to a fast-paced, intense business environment.

Team Effectiveness

Defy corporate catabolism and inertia by building a culture of trust. Purposefully shift your paradigms; set strategic goals; optimize dynamics, decision-making and execution.

Energy Leadership

Energy Leadership is the process that develops a personally effective style of leadership that positively influences not only you, but also those you interact with and your organization as a whole.

ELI Assessment

Gain awareness of how you show up in all areas of your life. Understand your leadership capabilities and consciously choose to use your ability to influence and impact others to bring about positive results.
Simply put, Elena is at the pinnacle of her craft, and one in a million (no, seriously). Should you have the fortune of working with her, you should expect colossal professional and personal development/gains. Elena has been a client of mine and more recently I’ve been a client of hers. Her approach is highly personalized, never scripted, direct, and adds significant value and authenticity to every conversation. She’s mindful and has become a partner and trusted advisor. She’s taken me out of my comfort zone to ensure I can be my best self and has been instrumental in supporting both my and my company’s growth.
Tom Wilkinson

Founder and CEO, The Collective Search

Every day working with Elena has been a great pleasure. There are many challenges when building up a new HR infrastructure, especially in newly established offices in other countries, as well as driving agility within the organization. Elena dealt with these assignments professionally and was dedicated, focused and energetic. She has been an important contributor both at a strategic and operational level.

I find Elena to be a warm person with diverse insights. She was very much involved, coaching and advising the team. Elena has a broad skill-set, deep HR knowledge, unparalleled integrity, commitment, diligence, empathy and passion. There were moments, as in every organization, when we faced challenging times; however through it all, Elena remained professional and focused on the big picture and doing the right thing.

Birgitta Lundvik

CEO and Founder, Enable

I had the pleasure of working with Elena in several capacities: through my own recruitment, in recruiting as a hiring manager, and as an executive coach. In all she was a top-notch professional. She’s incredibly personable and yet direct and honest in her feedback, keeping your best interests front and center as she helps you advance through an issue or opportunity. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to my professional network or use her myself for future coaching or recruitment needs.
Bob Bourgeois

Director of Customer Success, Sales Analytics

Human Capital Consulting

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Strategic HR Management

Accelerate execution of your business strategy by aligning the short- and long-term needs, priorities and objectives of your business and Human Capital.

Performance and Development

Inspire and motivate your employees to be their best by aligning and expanding their capabilities in order to exceed business results and win as a team.

HR Operations and Administration

Maximize efficiency by developing HR Infrastructure customized to support your team as you scale.

Workforce Planning

Plan, measure and optimize your Human Capital to maximize your bottom line and build competitive advantage.

Change Management

Effectively manage transitions and transformations to give your company a significant competitive edge.


Gain confidence in your company integrity and peace of mind by staying compliant with State, Federal and International Labor Laws.
I am pleased to recommend Elena who I have had the pleasure to meet and work with on senior level HR experiences and I would without reservation engage Elena to provide consultative leadership in all HR disciplines.

Elena is gifted in that she understands all facets of HR around strategies throughout the organization such as planning, performance management, and professional development. Elena’s thorough knowledge in all aspects of HR is invaluable. Going forward I would engage Elena for any and all HR challenges from the basic to the highly political and complex challenges that only someone with Elena’s HR background and demeanor could manage to proper fruition and successful closure.

Marc Caponegro

Director Channel Management, Arundo Analytics

Elena is extremely knowledgeable about HR practices both in the U.S. and internationally. Her sharp business acumen and ability to anticipate and diffuse potential issues has helped her clients avoid legal exposure on numerous occasions. In addition, I have observed Elena demonstrate a remarkable ability to handle sensitive HR issues professionally, yet still with compassion and discretion. I highly recommend Elena as an HR professional!
Karen Lombardi Bernstein

Transactional Attorney

“Challenge accepted” are the two words I think of when I think of Elena. Thanks to her efforts, the company managed to quickly scale up within six months in three countries: Sweden, Tokyo, and the USA. Even though we worked in different time zones, Elena was always able to build strong relations with her colleagues across geographies. She is one of those people one wants to have in their own professional network to be able to reach out to for HR advice. I really enjoyed working with Elena and I hope we will work together again in future!
Nataliya Stoyanovych

Global Director of Organizational Efficiency, Hansoft

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